Do you know someone having financial difficulties? Chances are they are having trouble keeping up with their home mortgage. Are you receiving collection calls on your default mortgage? Or worse, you have received the certified "Notice of Default" letter!

I have been certified by the lending industry in valuation & Broker Price Opinion and designation from National Association of Realtors in Loss Mitigation to negotiate YOUR BEST OPTION from: Loan Mod, Recast loan, forbearance, deed-in-lieu or the last two options (undesirable for us both) - short sale or foreclosure (both negatively impact your credit).

If you will trust me with your confidence financial information, I can help you through Loss Mitigation options with your lender. If you received the certified letter, you have a min. of 51 days & a max. of 81 days before the lender's trustee will auction your home on the Williamson County Courthouse steps.
ALL Lenders/Banks/Mortgage Co/Securitizing firms,.. DO NO WANT YOUR HOUSE BACK.
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         My name is Billy Waddell, Realtor/Sales Associate for Texas Ally Realty LLC dba Bell County Realty. You may be visiting my site from Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Fannie Mae, Horizon Solutions Online, Caliber Home Loans/Green River LLC, NationStar or any other lending institution with a Loss Mitigation Department hoping you will find the BEST option for them and YOUR FAMILY beside Foreclosure. There has been over $61Billion dollars of non-performing loans sold by HUD, banks, mortgage companies and government sponsored enterprises (Fannie Mae, Freddi Mac, Ginnie Mae, etc,...) to Private Equity Company since the last half of 2014. These new entrants to the default loan industry are learning that THEY CAN NOT DO what Fannie Mae did to minimize the effects of the housing bubble burst. The number of complaints from homeowners is an indication the Private Equity companies holding nearly $61B in non-performing loans are not measuring up in Loss Mitigation.

        In report dated 1/29/2016 by the CONSUMER FINANCIAL PROTECTION BUREAU - they have received  a record number of mortgage complaints for Dec. '15 (209,000) followed closely by "debt/collection" calls (205,000) which were believed to be primarily mortgage related or revolving credit. The agency has received 790,000 complaints since July 2011 and the trending from December 2015 is anticipated to continue to rise. I live in Belton in close proximity to I35 in Bell County and am helping EVERY homeowners in Bell, Coryell, McLennan Williamson Counties THAT WILL COOPERATE 100% to help me help you avoid foreclosure.

        If you will trust me with your confidence and most sensitive financial information, I can help you through Loss Mitigation options with your lender. Did you have already receive your Notice of Default by certified mail? You now have a minimum of 51 days & a maximum of 81 days before the lender's trustee will auction your home on the County Courthouse steps (the first Tuesday of every month) or take the property back to the lender as "real estate owned" (REO) if the highest price at auction doesn't exceed the bid instructions or value assigned.

    Banks & the securitizing GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises i.e.,..Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac) and now Private Equity Companies owning over $61B in non-performing loans,..DO NO WANT YOUR HOUSE BACK. There best option is to do a loan modification, recast your loan, offer forbearance (limits on what they will write off) or deed-in-lieu BEFORE they would consider a Short Sale. Be very cautious of private negotiator, investors or any licensed professional involved in real estate contacting you if they ONLY want to convince you into a Short Sale. I'd prefer you stay in your house and be a raving fan of mine. Referrals are the lifeblood of my business! Here is the background in business and real estate I offer:

    * 22+ years in Business Development at the highest levels with my last position US Director of Sales & Marketing for Straub, an International Manufacturing company. Strong communication and negotiation skills   
    * Owner/Operator of a successful real estate business from ’03-’09 in the toughest post-depression era for residential real estate specialized in helping homeowner & buyers, REO platform and Loss Mitigation professional. Averaged 150DOM for Short Sales which is well below the national average, 89DOM for REO and 41DOM for homeowners selling their house.   
    * Short Sale Negotiator for CoreLogic/CITI Loss Mitigation Division
    * Foreclosure Asset Manager for CoreLogic/Bank of America  
    * Fannie Mae as the ONLY Analyst on 90 member Valuation Division NOT a licensed Appraiser ~ set values for Foreclosure, Deed-in-Lieu, Bid Instructions (minimum value the lender's trustee will take at the auction at the courthouse), HAMP Loss Mitigation and Short Sale properties
    * I have been certified by the Mortgage Industry to provide their mortgagee both valuation through “Broker Price Opinions” & Loss Mitigation options including Short Sales.
    * Hold designation from the National Association of Realtors for SFR (Certified Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource) & ePro Realtor.

    If you are behind on your mortgage with default calls being made from your bank/mortgage company we can help! Our goal is to HELP homeowners determine their best option for their circumstance which may include:  Loan recasting, Loan restructuring, Loan Modification, Forbearance or Short sale. If you have received more than 3 months collections calls from your lender - there is a high probability the foreclosure process has started.

   Please trust me and let's get started by reaching out to me at one of the contact methods below. This is only a season in your lives and we'll get you to A NEW BEGINNING!

Blessings ~
Billy Waddell
Bell County Realty
Certified in Loss Mitigation