Please do not get overwhelmed on YOUR FIRST visit on my website to learn more about stopping a foreclosure. What I ask people to envision is, would you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! I'm going to suggest you ONLY spend time during this first visit looking at the information contained within the buttons on this first screen.  It is important that you know where your loan is currently, the options you have available and the steps to take in avoiding the foreclosure that is imminent. Here are some very important resources to check out:

          Many Government backed programs such as HARP or HAMP have been phased out. Please use the website resources above to learn about your LOAN MODIFICATION options. BEWARE OF SERVICERS: The Treasury Department's SIGTARP report to Congress July 29th 2015, a WHOPPING 72% of HAMP applications WERE DENIED through “Servicers.” Servicers are the bank you write your check to who DO NOT OWN your loan. Examples of Servicers: Wells Fargo; CITI; Chase; Bank of America; ALL secondary companies that purchase your note (loan) before or right after you close on the purchase of your home.

          Based on current documentation - the fall-out rate (or re-default) is reported to be between 26-33% NOW. Additionally,.. Government reports indicated the fall-out rate being 46% - 2009; 38% - 2010 etc.,,
The fall-out rate is the percentage of home owners that:

  • Qualify for temporary loan mod > but not a loan mod;
  • Qualify for a loan mod > choose not to participate; or
  • Qualify for a loan mod > fully enroll BUT CAN NOT make financial commitments to the modified loan even with the interest rate reduced to 2% for the initial period    

​          Bad things happen to good people and I am truly here to help you - NOT take advantage of your tough situation. I will tell you upfront,..that I want to work all the options available to you - before you consider doing a short sale. Short sales are not your best option as long as the better Loss Mitigation options are available.  It is imperative that you take action to be able to qualify for the Loss Mitigation option available. 

​          I live in central Texas and will travel to YOU if you live within an hour drive. If you live outside this area, I will find someone like me to help you,..regardless of where in the United State you live. Please contact me with any questions or to get started. 254-444-8826 or