Repairing or establishing credit may  seem a little scary. There are two ways to establish or repair your credit: Pay a company or learn to "Do It Yourself." If you aren't familiar with how credit repair companies work,...initially you pay $200-500 to "contract" their services and then $75-300 PER MONTH. Their process is designed to go slow so they can keep you in their program for months.

Here's the catch,..EVERYTHING they do - you can do yourself. EVERYTHING!

Some may only need a couple months while other may need 12-16 months. Regardless of the time it takes you,..these are the areas we help people with:

  • Settle collection or charge off accounts at $0.35-.50 on the dollar
  • Eliminate high interest credit cards
  • Pay off personal & pay-day loans
  • Reduce your Debt to Income ratio
  • Reduce your Credit Utilization ratio
  • Improve pay history
  • And the end product,..good or great FICO scores from all three credit reporting bureaus

CREDIT LITMUS TEST: This document is a great start and begin by explaining many of the pitfalls that may have contributed to your current credit situation.

REPAIRING YOUR CREDIT: There are many strategies we will employ

ESTABLISHING CREDIT: There is no complicated process or programs you need to set up to begin this process. Having credit has a positive impact in areas such as: Rate you pay for ALL insurance, Applying for employment, Down payment requirement for lease properties, Interest rate & down payment required for vehicle loans or mortgages to buy a home,...and many more.

Thank you for taking time to read this and we hope you will contact us soon to help you too!

Blessings ~

Carey & Billy Waddell

254-444-8826 0R 254-228-7508

p.s. There really isn't anything secret about what I do as a REALTOR or what my wife Carey does at Texell Credit Union to help people repair or establish credit. We both get paid for doing our jobs,..she by Texell and the Seller will pay me through their Listing Agent when I help you (free) buy a home.