Repairing or establishing credit may  seem a little scary but my wife Carey & I will walk with you through the entire process. If you are visiting this page with skepticism about a FREE program actually being FREE, can read the documents below that are the foundation to our program.

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CREDIT LITMUS TEST: This document is a great start and begin by explaining many of the pitfalls that may have contributed to your current credit situation. Next,..I provide information that explains how FICO scores are calculated, links to the Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) website and to the website where you can get copies of all three credit reporting bureaus once a year. Federal laws require these reports are available to you free each year. Towards the end of the document, I embedded a couple links to some supporting information. Be sure to open each link as you go. The page builds on the information.

REPAIRING YOUR CREDIT: There are many strategies we will employ and one of the most common is credit card debt. Take comfort knowing it will be much quicker to repair your credit than those who have to establish their credit by starting trade lines.

ESTABLISHING CREDIT: There is no complicated process or programs you need to set up to begin this process. Having credit has a positive impact in areas such as: Rate you pay for ALL insurance, Applying for employment, Down payment requirement for lease properties, Interest rate & down payment required for vehicle loans or mortgages to buy a home,...and many more.

Unfortunately,..we live in times where trusting programs that are free and with no obligation are viewed as scams or at the very least - with a lot of suspicion. Please visit my Facebook real estate page and view what real people say about our heart for serving and what they accomplish in the REVIEWS tab.

If you are still concerned about the why or how we could afford to dedicate so much time & energy serving people needs for good credit,'s simple: We hope by the time we help people achieve their your credit goals that the people that have a dream of home ownership will use me as their REALTOR. But no time in the process will you sign anything or be required to commit to buying with me. Know that we help everyone that wants help and no geographic restrictions.

Thank you for taking time to read this and we hope you will contact us soon to help you too!

Blessings ~

Carey & Billy Waddell